Pickle Bear Products Elderflower Cordial

9th June 2015 - Elderflowers and Earwigs

Elderflowers - shop bought cordial is OK, but doesn't have that special, floral, pollen dust note that you get from the fresh flowers. It just so happened that the neighbour's elder bush had a great crop of flowers, so we popped round on the scrounge, with long loppers and a big bucket. Then off to the tap for some cold, fresh water to rinse the flower heads, only to discover ...
that particular elder bush must be the meeting place for the local Earwig Elderflower Appreciation Society. We lost count of the number of the little beasties we rescued from the water! Suffice to say it was some hours before we could start the infusion process, but worth it - the resulting cordial was fantastically pungent and just what we wanted for our Grapefruit & Elderflower Marmalade. So good in fact, we'll probably make more next year and sell it "naked".