Pickle Bear Preserves at Hart of Craft Artisan Market November 2016

We've seriously neglected our blog over the past few months, but all in a good cause, namely gathering the harvest from our garden and the local area and converting it into all sorts of interesting preserves. As well as attending the Elvetham Heath Farmers and Artisan Market we also set up stall at the first of the new Hart of Craft Artisan Market events on 19/11/2016. It was a busy day for us and we met lots of new customers who really enjoyed tasting and chatting about our products. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. See the usual mug shot of you know who spoiling the look of the stall!

Our remaining events for 2016 are:

Bracknell: Jennets Park School PTA Christmas Fayre on Friday 25/11/2016 5pm to 7pm

Fleet: Falkners Arms (Ancells Farm) Charity Xmas Fayre on Wednesday 7th December 7pm to 11pm

Elvetham Heath: Farmers and Artisan Market on Saturday 10th December 10am to 1.30pm 

If you can't make it to one of the events, but need a jar of Botty Burner or one of our other tasty treats to get you through the festive season, just send an email to info@picklebear.co.uk and we'll arrange to get it to you somehow.

Kind regards, Anita & Ian