Pickle Bear beginning


After my enthusiastic efforts at preserving our garden produce last year (as you can see) and much positive feedback and encouragement from my friends, family and colleagues, I've decided to convert my happy hobbies into an artisan business. Pickle Bear has been born. 

Our first outing will be at The Falkners Arms Family Fun Day in Fleet, Hampshire on Sunday 3rd May 2015 

The maslin pan has been simmering every weekend to produce a good few jars of chutney and jam and of course, Botty Burner chutney, for people to sample and buy on the day. Pickle Bears have been coming out of the sewing basket as fast as I can make them - I've chosen a lavender colour and fragrance theme for this occasion. They're daft, eccentric little things and I hope people will like them. All profits from this day will be donated to The Falkners Arms charity appeal to provide a Variety Club Sunshine Coach for a local school. The event has become very popular over the past few years because there's family entertainment all day and something for the grown ups in the evening. Please come along with your friends and family and join in the fun, taste some Botty Burner (if you dare) and support an amazing charity effort.

A xx