Pickle Bear at The Falkners Arms Fun Day May 2015


Pickle Bear made its first public appearance at The Falkners Arms Family Fun Day Charity Event on 3rd May 2015.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our stall. Every tasting resulted in a sale, which was very pleasing. Botty Burner chutney was our most successful product. It looks like we've hit the right balance of flavour and heat with that one. The weather had to play a role, of course. Thankfully the rain stopped by midday, but then the wind got up and made life interesting. Ian's 6ft 6inch height came in very handy - he spent most of the afternoon dodging flying candy floss while hanging on to the struts of the gazebo to stop it taking off. It must have been quite funny watching all of the stall holders trying to keep things in place and I think we provided some extra amusement for all the people gathered in the entertainment area!

It was an exhilarating, funny day for a very worthwhile cause  - thank you The Falkners Arms for having us.

Anita & Ian